StockX - Buy & Sell Authentic App Reviews

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it keeps crashing


Havent had a chance to buy or sell any sneakers but the app looks very organized and reliable

Great app for anyone who loves sneakers.

Features are intuitive and give a great overview of the shoe market. If you love shoes, get this app.

This app just got that much cooler

Wanted the account feature added when I first downloaded it but now that its on here it just got cooler

Solid update to the best sneaker app

Only app that shows past sales for every sneaker. Love the price guide. Buying and selling is dead simple. The StockX app is even better now that I can manage my account, bids and asks in the app.

Great update

With the edition of my account this app is now perfect. Would like to see statistics become more robust in the future but the current app is a order get place to buy and sell sneakers

Looks cool

I like the interface but Im not so sure about bidding on shoes on this and selling mine


I dont even know where to begin. Being a sneaker head, this is one of the best apps to own. The ONLY reason I dont give it a five star, is due to the fact, that there is not that large of a selection, but, even then, this app is GREAT! ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE WHO LIKES SHOES.

10/10 would recommend

Loved it when they first put out the app, love the updates and look forward to more. Ill only be using StockX from here on out

Love it

I have bought and sold many pairs of shoes on the website and app and it is super easy. I have also used GOAT but StockX is much more simple. Overall, a very good app

Best place to get my kicks!!!

Transparent pricing, easy selling, this app is GOAT.

Love it!

I absolutely love this app. Im a big Jordan shoes fan and having a website where I dont have to worry about getting fakes or poor quality shoes is a blessing. Literally already purchased several shoes and will be selling some as well on this app. Keep up the good work StockX! This is an awesome new invention for all sneakerheads!


I finally found a place to find out the actual price range of sneakers. Thanks to stockx, I will never overpay for a sneaker again. I can ever buy and sell on the app too. Simply amazing for a sneaker head like me.


This is the best shoe app I ever used

Fix it

Doesnt show the shoe when i click it

Cop list crashes

Every time I scroll down my cop list it crashes. I would also like to see pics of shoes from multiple angles instead of just the one angle that is currently used. Other than these two things this is a great app, Ive all but completely stopped using eBay to search for kicks because of it.

Stop updating every other day

U r killing my phone!

App wont open

Closes immediately.

The best

I have sold 6 pairs of shoes on the app and they all sold pretty quickly. I have also bought a couple pairs and the transactions were very smooth. This has taken over as my go to website/app!

The Game Has Changed

Such a sweet app! I move all of my shoes on here now. When Im buying a pair I know there 100% Authentic or I get my money back. Highly recommended!!

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